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Which model works well when one teacher has stronger content knowledge?
a) Team Teaching
b) One teach, one assist
c) Parallel Teaching
d) Alternative teaching

Both teachers teaching the same content to different groups is called
a) Alternative teaching
b) Parallel Teaching
c) Team Teaching
d) Station Teaching

Alternative teaching
a) lets one teacher take the lead on the lesson
b) is good when you need to remediate or extend with a small group
c) has both teachers teaching the same content.
d) includes multiple activities going on in the class

Having multiple small groups rotating through activities is called
a) Team Teaching
b) Parallel Teaching
c) One Teach, One Assist
d) Station Teaching

Co-teachers should
a) pick one model and stick with it all year
b) use the model that best fit the lesson and needs of the class
c) rotate evenly through the models
d) randomly assign a model for each lesson

The teaching model that requires the most planning is
a) One Teach, One Assist
b) Station Teaching
c) Parallel Teaching
d) Team Teaching

Co-teaching is good for
a) SpEd Students
b) ELL Students
c) Students who are struggling
d) All Students

When co-teaching teachers should
a) agree on and understand each other's roles
b) have separate groups of students that they are responsible for
c) choose one teacher to be in charge
d) communicate only occasionally with each other

Which of the following is an important component of co-teaching?
a) Being friends with your co-teacher
b) Both teachers having at least 5 years experience
c) having identical teaching styles
d) being able to communicate openly

Who is ultimately responsible for al the students in a co-teaching model?
a) The SpEd Teacher
b) The Regular Ed Teacher
c) The para that works with the students
d) Both co-teachers

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