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White light is...
a) made up of a mixture of the colors of the rainbow.
b) its own specific color of the rainbow.
c) the absence of any color of the rainbow.

The primary colors of light are...
a) red, blue, and green.
b) red, blue, and yellow.
c) magenta, cyan, and yellow.
d) white, black, and brown.

An object appears to be a specific color because that is the color the object...
a) reflects.
b) absorbs.
c) refracts.

If an object appears white, that means that it...
a) reflects all colors of the rainbow.
b) absorbs all colors of the rainbow.
c) doesn't reflect any light at all.

If we look at a blue object under red light, we see the object as...
a) black.
b) red.
c) blue.
d) green.

Of all of the colors of the visible spectrum, red light has the...
a) highest wavelength.
b) lowest wavelength.
c) highest frequency.
d) highest amplitude.

We can see ______________________ wavelengths of light.
a) very few
b) all of the
c) most
d) half of the

Refraction is...
a) the bending of a wave.
b) the reflection of a wave.
c) the absorption of a wave.
d) the dissipation of a wave.

A prism is...
a) a triangular piece of clear glass or plastic that can separate white light into different colors.
b) a layout of the spectrum of visible light.
c) an object that absorbs all colors of visible light.

Of all of the colors of the visible spectrum, violet light has the...
a) highest frequency.
b) lowest frequency.
c) highest wavelength.
d) highest amplitude.

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