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Light waves travel in...
a) straight lines.
b) zigzag lines.
c) circles.
d) figure eights.

Light is...
a) faster than sound.
b) slower than sound.
c) fast, but not as fast as Usain Bolt.
d) very slow.

A luminous object is one that...
a) produces light.
b) reflects light.
c) absorbs light.

Shadows are places where light...
a) is blocked.
b) has died.
c) is absorbed.
d) is reflected.

If the angle of incidence of a ray of light hitting a mirror is 60 degrees, the angle of reflection will be...
a) 60 degrees
b) 90 degrees
c) 45 degrees
d) 30 degrees

Diffuse reflection is when...
a) light is scattered in different directions.
b) light hits a smooth, clear surface.
c) light is absorbed.
d) an object casts a shadow.

When light hits a mirror and is reflected to our eyes, we see...
a) a virtual image.
b) the original object.
c) a hologram.

In a concave mirror, the reflective surface is...
a) on the inside of a curved surface.
b) on the outside of a curved surface.
c) on a flat surface.
d) on a perpendicular surface.

If an object is opaque, you...
a) cannot see through it.
b) can see through it a little.
c) can see through it quite clearly.

If an object is translucent, you...
a) can see through it a little.
b) can see through it quite clearly.
c) cannot see through it at all.

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