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Waves - General Vocab.[print questions]

A wave is...
a) a disturbance caused by a vibration.
b) energy.
c) all of the above.
d) none of the above

The crest of a wave is...
a) its highest point.
b) its lowest point.
c) its middle point.
d) its colorful hairdo.

The amount of energy a wave has depends on its...
a) amplitude.
b) wavelength.
c) coffee.
d) frequency.

A wave with a high wavelength will have a...
a) low frequency.
b) high frequency.
c) low amplitude.
d) high amplitude.

Waves transmit _______________ from one place to another.
a) energy
b) matter
c) particles
d) time

The frequency of a wave is its...
a) number of complete cycles in one second.
b) wavelength.
c) time taken for one complete cycle.
d) phase shift.

In a transverse wave, movement is...
a) perpendicular to the direction of the wave.
b) parallel to the direction of the wave.
c) very, very fast.
d) very small.

The amplitude of a wave is measured from...
a) middle to top.
b) bottom to top.
c) left to right.

A wave with a high frequency will have a...
a) small wavelength.
b) large wavelength.
c) small amplitude.
d) large amplitude.

In order to move, waves generally need a...
a) medium.
b) car.
c) jump start.
d) plane ticket.

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