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What country was bombed by Richard Nixon during the Vietnam War without congressional approval?
a) Cambodia
b) Malaysia
c) China
d) The Soviet Union

The main reason America went into the Vietnam war was to...
a) Stop the spread of Communism
b) Stop the spread of Capitalism
c) Support China in their war against South Korea
d) Defeat Hitlers forces.

Which of the following is the forced military recruitment of all men 18 and over?
a) Draft
b) Brinkmanship
c) Neutrality
d) Executive Privilege

American support for the Vietnam War over time....
a) Increased
b) Decreased
c) Stayed the Same

'Only Nixon could go to China' was an important event because....
a) Nixon's visit to China helped improve American relations with the Soviet Union.
b) He was able to get support in his efforts to overthrow Japan.
c) It led to the overthrow of China's government by Mao Zedong.
d) It established America's willingness to fight the Vietnam War.

President Richard Nixon's policy of easing relations with Russia was called....
a) Detente
b) Demonstration
c) Containment
d) Communism

What amendment's 'freedom of speech' clause allowed the New York Times to run the Pentagon Papers?
a) First
b) Nineteenth
c) Eighteenth
d) Twenty-Second

What does the Twenty-Sixth Amendment establish?
a) Womens suffrage
b) Eighteen Year Old Voting Rights
c) Two Term Limit for the President
d) Ended Prohibition

What law was passed to restrict executive power after the Vietnam War?
a) War Powers Resolution
b) Affordable Care Act
c) Court-Packing Scheme
d) Homestead Act

Which of the following is a Latin-America, Medal of Honor winning, Vietnam War hero?
a) Roy Benavidez
b) Alvin York
c) John Kennedy
d) Douglas Macarthur

What country did America go to war in to stop the spread of communism?
a) Vietnam
b) Germany
c) Mexico
d) Spain

What historical event led President Lyndon Johnson (L.B.J.) formal war with Vietnam?
a) The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
b) The sinking of the Lusitania
c) The sinking of the USS Maine
d) Pearl Harbor

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