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A rosebush would correctly be classified as:
a) an organ system
b) a cell
c) an organism
d) a tissue

Which of the following is both a cell and an organism?
a) oak tree
b) bacteria
c) heart
d) rattlesnake

Muscle cells combine to make the next level of organization, which is:
a) muscle organs
b) a complete organism
c) muscle tissue
d) muscle organ systems

A section of skin is removed from a person during surgery. The skin is best classified as:
a) tissue
b) a cell
c) an organ system
d) an organism

Which level of hierarchy is the heart of a lizard?
a) organ
b) tissue
c) cell
d) organ system

Which of the following is made up of multiple organs?
a) digestive system
b) cardiac (heart) tissue
c) nerve cells
d) brain

Which of the following correctly lists the level of organization in a hamster, from smallest to largest?
a) organ, cell, organ system, tissue, organism
b) organism, cell, organ, tissue, organ system
c) tissue, cell, organ, organ system, organism
d) cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism

Tissues are made up of:
a) multiple organs
b) individual cells
c) several organ systems
d) abiotic components

The smallest level of organization in a human is:
a) tissue
b) cell
c) organ system
d) organ

All of the following are true about tissues EXCEPT for:
a) they are made of cells
b) they combine to make up organs
c) they are found in all organisms, including bacteria
d) they are found in all organ systems

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