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What do icthyologists study?
a) Birds
b) Fish
c) Worms
d) Reptiles

What field is concerned with how to name and categorize organisms?
a) Taxonomy
b) Microbiology
c) Ethology
d) Categology

Jane Goodall also studies ethology. What is ethology?
a) The study of ethics
b) The study of diseases and how to cure them
c) The study of animal behavior
d) The study of drugs/medicine and how they affect the human body

What is Botany?
a) The study of life
b) The study of plants
c) The study of ancient species
d) The study of ecosystems

Who is the famous British primatologist?
a) Barbara McClintock
b) Jane Goodall
c) Marie Curie
d) Ms. Vicky

Who is a current, renowned astrophysicist and cosmologist?
a) Neil DeGrasse Tyson
b) Mike Tyson
c) Albert Einstein
d) Charles Darwin

Who won a Nobel Prize for their work in cytogenetics?
a) Marie Curie
b) Barbara McClintock
c) Stephen Hawking
d) Albert Einstein

Who is the famous theoretical physicist who is still living despite a severe illness?
a) Neil DeGrasse Tyson
b) Stephen Hawking
c) Jacques Pierre Curie
d) Casey Jermaine

Who devoted their life to their work with radioactive elements?
a) Jane Goodall
b) Candace Malbec
c) Marie Curie
d) Barbara McClintock

What does a primatologist study?
a) Diseases of the primary brain cortex
b) Humans, apes, monkeys
c) Microbes
d) Genetic inheritance

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