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How do lichens contribute to primary succession?
a) Lichen begin to break down rock to form soil
b) lichen decompose organic matter from animals and plants
c) lichen are nitrogen bacteria
d) lichen convert carbon into fossil fuel

Which of these consumers might depend on a rabbit for its energy
a) grasshopper
b) coyote
c) cow
d) horse

A consumer that eats only producers is called a(n)
a) omnivore
b) carnivore
c) autotroph
d) herbivore

What type of succession occurs after a natural process such as a volcanic eruption or flood
a) primary succession
b) Secondary succession
c) old-field succession
d) climax community

what are organisms that eat both plants and animals called
a) herbivores
b) carnivores
c) omnivores
d) autotrophs

What term is used to describe a linear sequence in which energy is transferred from one organism to the next
a) food webs
b) food chain
c) tropic level
d) energy pyrimid

Which is an aquatic test perimeter
a) density
b) turbidly
c) pH
d) concentration

which bugs determine good quality water
a) dragonfly and Dobsonfly
b) mayfly and stonefly
c) crayfish and clams
d) aquatic worms and snails

Earth's surface water is found in
a) Lakes
b) Rivers
c) Streams
d) All of the above

Point-source pollution and nonpoint-source pollution differ in
a) the kind of biological agents causing the pollution
b) whether the source of pollution is agricultural or industrial
c) the number of sources from which the pollution is discharged
d) whether the pollutants are chemical or physical agents

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