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GIves the people the right to elect their sentaors directly
a) Amendment VII (7)
b) Amendment VI (6)
c) Amendment XVII (17)
d) Amendment XVI (16)

Provides for the creation of the electoral college
a) Amendment XX (20)
b) Amendment XXII (22)
c) Amendment XII (12)
d) Amendment II (2)

Lowers the voting age to 18
a) Amendment XXVI (26)
b) Amendment XXIV (24)
c) Amendment XV (15)
d) Amendment XIV (14)

Tells what to do in case of presidential disability (presidential succession)
a) Amendment XXIII (23)
b) Amendment XXV (25)
c) Amendment XXI (21)
d) Amendment XXVI (26)

Gives women the right to vote
a) Amendment XIX (19)
b) Amendment XVII (17)
c) Amendment XVI (16)
d) Amendment VI (6)

Forbids a state from stopping a person from voting because of race or color
a) Amendment I(1)
b) Amendment II (2)
c) Amendment XXVI (26)
d) Amendment XV (15)

Denies state governments the power to keep citizens from voting by charging a poll tax
a) Amendment XXIV (24)
b) Amendment XIV (14)
c) Amendment II (2)
d) Amendment XXIII (23)

Guarantees the right to a trial by jury in a civil case
a) Amendment 5 (V)
b) Amendment 7 (VII)
c) Amendment 6 (VI)
d) Amendment 8 (VIII)

The first 10 amendment are called the:
a) Bill of Rights
b) Bill of Laws
c) 10 Amendments
d) Constitution

Guarantees that a person has the right to appear in court:
a) Amendment 1 (I)
b) Amendment 7 (VII)
c) Amendment 6 (VI)
d) Amendment 5 (V)

Powers not given to the government are reserved to the states:
a) Amendment 8 (VIII)
b) Amendment 7 (VII)
c) Amendment 10 (X)
d) Amendment 9 (IX)

Guarantees the right to a speedy trial with, if needed, a court-appointed lawyer.
a) Amendment 9 (IX)
b) Amendment 8 (VIII)
c) Amendment 7 (VII)
d) Amendment 6 (VI)

Protects freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition:
a) Amendment 2 (II)
b) Amendment 3(III)
c) Amendment 1 (I)
d) Amendment 4 (IV)

Protects against unreasonable search and seizure
a) Amendment 4 (IV)
b) Amendment 5 (V)
c) Amendment 10 (X)
d) Amendment 2 (II)

Guarantees individual rights not listed to the people and that the government shouldn’t tamper with them:
a) Amendment 10 (X)
b) Amendment 7 (VII)
c) Amendment 9 (IX)
d) Amendment 4 (IV)

Safeguards against excessive bail, fines, and cruel and unusual punishments
a) Amendment 9 (IX)
b) Amendment 7 (VII)
c) Amendment 5 (V)
d) Amendment 8 (VIII)

Right to bear arms
a) Amendment I
b) Amendment II
c) Amendment X
d) Amendment IX

Prohibits quartering of troops in time of peace:
a) Amendment 1 (I)
b) Amendment 4 (IV)
c) Amendment 3 (III)
d) Amendment 6 (VI)

Gives citizenship to former slaves
a) Amendment XIII (13)
b) Amendment XV (15)
c) Amendment XIV (14)
d) Amendment XVI (16)

Prohibits changes in salaries of U.S senators and representatives from taking effect until the next election
a) Amendment XII (12)
b) Amendment XXVII (27)
c) Amendment XVII (17)
d) Amendment XXVI (26)

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