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Sense Memory is NOT
a) actors recalling personal observation for sensory experiences
b) an emotional recall exercise
c) using your senses to have a detailed and stronger memory
d) the process in directing a play

How does an agent make his money?
a) Ten percent of whatever job they get for the actor
b) A cash advanced from his clients
c) Royalties from each time a play is perfomed
d) Obtaining a down payment from an actor

Which is the Film Actor’s Union?
a) Screen Actor’s Guild
b) Actor’s Equity Association
c) Film Festival Group
d) World Actor’s Corporation

What’s the name of the stage actors’ union?
a) Screen Actor’s Guild
b) Actor’s Equity Association
c) Film Festival Group
d) World Actor’s Corporation

The movement and positioning of actors on the stage is called
a) Dramaturg
b) Sense Memory
c) Blocking
d) Emotional Recall

Which of the following does not refer to Emotional Recall?
a) calling on personal memories of situations similar to those of their characters
b) connecting to real experiences
c) an early idea of Stanislavsky system of modern acting
d) Stanislavsky's late idea of imagining an event and substituting feelings

What is the Magic IF?
a) The question the audience makes about an actor’s choices
b) The question the director asks the designers
c) Making decisions based on the character’s point of view
d) The magical experience that occurs on stage

Which of the following is NOT done by a director?
a) Research the play and provide info
b) Keeps a record of the blocking
c) Set the tone of the rehearsals
d) Teach actors how to do certain tasks

Dramaturg assists with all of the following except
a) Interpretation
b) Blocking
c) Translation
d) Research

Which of the following is NOT done by the stage manager?
a) Decide on the actors’ movements
b) Assists with communications
c) Calls cues
d) Makes sure the show’s on track after the director leaves

Which of the following is NOT one of the four areas of theatre design?
a) Scenic
b) Costume
c) Lighting
d) Make Up

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