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Which of the following is a sign of aggression?
a) Kicking something when you are angry
b) Going to sleep when you are tired
c) Running away when you are scared
d) Not making eye contact with others

In primates, staring may be a signal of wanting to
a) hold hands.
b) eat.
c) drink.
d) fight.

Confidence is a trait that makes you
a) feel afraid of other people.
b) want to hide.
c) have a phobia.
d) believe in yourself.

People who have glossophobia are afraid of
a) losing their voices.
b) having their picture taken.
c) speaking in public.
d) talking.

Which text example best demonstrates the writing style of the author?
a) ''How do you do that? Practice!''
b) ''It takes help or practice to get over it.''
c) ''For some people, this feels quite thrilling.''
d) ''Glossophobia is amazingly common.''

A cat might ambush a
a) car.
b) mouse.
c) tree.
d) window.

Which older and more useful fear may trigger glossophobia?
a) The fear of crowded places
b) The fear of watching others
c) The fear of being surrounded or attacked
d) The fear of people laughing

A good time to distract yourself would be when you are
a) feeling afraid of an audience.
b) listening to someone speak.
c) riding your bike.
d) reading a book.

What does the title ''In the Spotlight'' mean?
a) Standing under a lamp
b) Watching a performance
c) Speaking or performing for an audience
d) Having glossophobia

What is a helpful way to overcome glossophobia?
a) Join a speaking group
b) Avoid speaking in public whenever possible
c) Learn to play an instrument in the band
d) Watch a lot of performances

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