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Events Leading To The Civil War.[print questions]

How did the Compromise of 1850 affect Washington D.C.?
a) it banned slavery in Washington D.C.
b) it outlawed the slave trade in Washington D.C.
c) it allowed the slave trade to continue in Washington D.C.
d) it forced northerners to return slaves who escaped to Washington D.C.

What did the Compromise of 1850 say about California?
a) California would be a free state
b) California would be a slave state
c) settlers living in California would vote to decide it would be a free or slave state
d) California had to wait for a slave state to finally enter the Union

Why was the Missouri Compromise significant?
a) it allowed several new states to enter the Union
b) demonstrated how westward expansion would increase tension between the North and South
c) it kept the peace for 60 years
d) it allowed the people living in western territories to decide for themselves whether they would be slave or free

Which of the following is NOT true about the Missouri Compromise?
a) it attempted to solve the issue of the expansion of slavery
b) it did not allow any slave states (besides Missouri) above the 36 30 line
c) it allowed slave states below the 36 30 line
d) it made sure that there were always more free states than slave states

What type of state would Missouri be when it officially became a state?
a) slave state
b) free state

Why was Missouri becoming a state an issue?
a) it would upset the balance of power by creating more free states than slave states
b) it would upset the balance of power by creating more slave states than free states
c) anti-slavery and pro-slavery forces flooded into the state to decide whether it would be slave or free
d) it was above the Missouri Compromise line and was not supposed to be slave state

What does sectionalism mean?
a) the states were like different sections of the United States that acted independently
b) the North had different sections where it protected runaway slaves
c) the North and South were becoming separate sections of the country
d) the western states were joining the Union as different sections and had to decide whether to be free or slave

How did the South respond to the North's increasing control of the federal government?
a) by capturing free persons in the North and forcing them to be slaves in the South
b) they said individual states should have more power to make decisions over issues, such as slavery
c) they tried to allow slaves to vote in Presidential elections
d) they declared war on the North and began to turn Northern states into slave states

Which of the following is NOT a cause of the Civil War?
a) slavery
b) states rights
c) sectionalism
d) segregation

Why did the North increasingly control the federal government?
a) more states were in the North than in the South
b) the North had a larger population than the South
c) the North wanted to abolish slavery
d) the North allowed escaped slaves to vote in elections

What did the Fugitive Slave Act do
a) forced the South to leave escaped slaves alone
b) reinforced the law that allowed escaped slaves to gain their freedom in the North
c) forced Northern states to assist in the return of escaped slaves
d) aided escaped slaves to gain their freedom in Canada

The Fugitive Slave Act angered many northerners because it forced them to help the slave catchers
a) True
b) False

Who wrote the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin?
a) Frederick Douglass
b) Harriet Beecher Stowe
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) Stephen A. Douglas

What was the significance of Uncle Tom's Cabin
a) it made many Northerners realize the cruelty of slavery
b) it made Southerners begin to push to end slavery
c) it promoted slavery in the North
d) it told the story of a slave

What is popular sovereignty?
a) the people have the power to make a decision on an issue
b) the government tells the people what to do
c) the government decided which states would be free states or slave
d) to break away

How did the Kansas-Nebraska Act try to solve the issue of the expansion of slavery?
a) the settlers of the new territories would decide whether they would be slave or free
b) it did not allow slave states to join the Union above the 36 30 parallel
c) it allowed California to enter the Union as a free state
d) it did not allow free states to join the Union below the 36 30 parallel

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