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A traveler to the Middle East should prepare for weather that is generally
a) Hot and humid
b) Cold and dry
c) Cold and wet
d) Hot and dry

Based on its geographical location, which nation is most likely NOT a member of OPEC?
a) Iraq
b) Iran
c) Saudi Arabia
d) South Africa

Which region of the world is BEST described as having a dry and barren desert landscape?
a) Central Africa
b) Southeast Asia
c) Northern Asia
d) Southwest Asia

Which best describes the relationship between religion and government in Iran today?
a) Religious freedom is limited to those who are Jewish
b) Christians and Muslims don't have the right to vote
c) Iranian law is based on Islamic laws and traditions
d) The Iranian government is secular and not based on religion

Though many women in the Middle East are being encouraged to seek higher education, an obstacle they face is:
a) A low standard of living in the region
b) The return to Islamic fundamentalism in the region
c) Separation between religion and government in the region
d) A lack of teachers in the region

Which best describes an important change in population taking place in the Middle East over the last 50 years?
a) Low birth rates are causing the population density to decline rapidly
b) Cities are becoming crowded as people leave rural areas to find work in the oil industry
c) More people are becoming nomadic due to constant warfare
d) People have moved away from rivers as water becomes more plentiful

Israel uses which river as a major source of water for irrigation?
a) Nile
b) Tigris
c) Jordan
d) Euphrates

Natural resources aren't distributed evenly in the Middle East. Which is an example of that unequal distribution of resources?
a) Abundance of oil but scarcity of water
b) Abundance of coal but scarcity of copper
c) Abundance of oil but scarcity of natural gas
d) Abundance of water but scarcity of phosphates

A low literacy rate is most often associated with
a) A high standard of living
b) A low standard of living
c) A high birth rate
d) A high life expectancy

Which country has the most control over the flow of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers?
a) Iraq
b) Iran
c) Turkey
d) Israel

How has Israel been able to create a diverse economy?
a) The discovery of oil there in the 1930s
b) Investing in desalination plants
c) Investing in a highly skilled and educated workforce
d) By conquering neighboring countries

Which 2 Middle Eastern countries have protested Turkey's building of dams on the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers?
a) Israel and Saudi Arabia
b) Iraq and Syria
c) Afghanistan and Libya
d) Egypt and Palestine

What is the MAIN threat facing the scarce water supplies of the Middle East?
a) Turkey is trying to control all of the region's water
b) War with the United States disrupts the flow of water
c) Pollution from waste and industry threatens to ruin the already scarce drinking water
d) Water costs too much for most people in the Middle East

Most oil exporting countries in the Middle East surround what body of water?
a) Pacific Ocean
b) Red Sea
c) Suez Canal
d) Persian Gulf

Trade barrier in which 1 country will not trade with another
a) Tariff
b) Quota
c) Embargo
d) Limited goods

The percent of people in a country who can read and write
a) Standard of living
b) Quota
c) Literacy Rate
d) Value per capita

Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
a) UN
b) NTA
d) CBS

A way of LIMITING the amount of foreign goods that come into a country
a) Tariff
b) Quota
c) Investment
d) Embargo

A tax placed on goods when they are brought into 1 country from another country
a) Quota
b) Rate of return
c) Tariff
d) Value

The best description of Israel's economy today:
a) All privately owned businesses
b) All government owned businesses
c) Businesses controlled by European investors
d) A mixture of private and government owned businesses

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