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Which of the following lists is in chronological order?
a) hand ax, flint knife, chopper, bow and arrow, saws and drills
b) chopper, bow and arrow, flint knife, hand ax, saws and drills
c) chopper, hand ax, flint knife, bow and arrow, saws and drills
d) saws and drills, bow and arrow, flint knife, hand ax, chopper

What are two ways the Stone Age people stayed warm?
a) fire and clothes
b) water and language
c) art and relgion
d) plants and animals

To study prehistory, historians rely on the work of archaeologists and
a) anthropologists
b) Australopithecus
c) none
d) none

Simple tools like __________ were used for about 2 million years.
a) choppers
b) processors
c) none
d) none

After the Neolithic Revolution, one way prehistoric people adapted to their environment was to create tools to __________ food.
a) hunt
b) process
c) none
d) none

Which of the following statements best summarizes the relationship between farming and the growth of towns?
a) Farming held back developments in the arts.
b) The development of farming helped establish permanent settlements.
c) The development of farming led to more hunter-gatherer groups.
d) Farming competed with hunting and gathering practices.

People in the New Stone Age had a different relationship to plants and animals due primarily to
a) climatic changes and human innovations
b) migration patterns
c) religious beliefs and fire control
d) barbarian invasions

Which of the following defines Homo erectus?
a) thinking man
b) modern man
c) wise man
d) upright man

Which of the following statements best summarizes why people learned how to make clothes and build shelters after migrating out of Africa?
a) They needed to trade cloth with other merchants.
b) They needed more protection to survive in colder areas.
c) They needed less protection to survive in warmer areas.
d) They needed to trade living spaces with others.

What effect did the invention of tools have on early humans?
a) They required humans to stand close to animals when hunting.
b) They increased chances for survival.
c) They decreased chances for survival.
d) They allowed more animals to graze the fields.

Which statement best defines the Neolithic Revolution?
a) major battle fought between people of Asia and Africa
b) the shift from food gathering to food producing
c) the shift from food gathering to hunting
d) major battle fought between the peoples of Asia

What effect did farming have on people in the Stone Age?
a) It allowed them to build permanent settlements.
b) It allowed them to travel.
c) It allowed them to paint caves.
d) It allowed them to hunt for animals.

Why is the study of ancient bones important to us today?
a) The study of ancient bones gives us information about our human ancestors.
b) Ancient bones are the ONLY source of information about early peoples.
c) Ancient bones help develop better forms of agriculture.
d) Ancient bones help develop modern technologies.

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