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Review Info For The European History Unit Test.

What happened because German voters were bitter about the economy?
a) The Treaty of Versailles badly damaged Germany
b) The Nazis became the largest political party in Germany
c) Hitler invaded Poland and France
d) Franz Ferdinand was shot and killed

When did tanks, submarines, and machine guns begin to be used?
a) World War II
b) World War I
c) Cold War
d) Russian Revolution

Which of the following is NOT true about the Holocaust?
a) Jews were arrested and put in camps
b) More than 6 million Jews and millions of others were killed
c) It ended when Germany surrendered in World War II
d) It happened mostly in France

Which of the following led to the Nazi Party rising to power in Germany?
a) Industrial Revolution
b) Imperialism
c) Economic Depression
d) Cold War

Imperialism, colony, natural resources, and empire are words connected to what time period?
a) Russian Revolution
b) Age of Exploration
c) World War II
d) Cold War

What is the symbol of German reunification?
a) The end of the Berlin Wall
b) The death of Hitler
c) Removing Nazi symbols (swastikas)
d) Creation of Oktoberfest!

Whose death was the spark of World War I?
a) Joseph Stalin
b) Vladimir Lenin
c) Franklin D Roosevelt
d) Franz Ferdinand

What event came first on the timeline?
a) Age of Exploration
b) Great Depression
c) World War I
d) Industrial Revolution

Which of the following is NOT a cause or reason for World War I?
a) Imperialism
b) Nuclear power
c) Militarism
d) Alliances

hich is NOT a reason why countries competed for territories in Africa, Asia, and the Americas?
a) New markets for goods
b) New resources for factories
c) Reparations after World War I
d) Human resources for workers and military support

Why was Prince Henry famous?
a) He started a navigational school
b) He gave money for sailing trips around the tip of Africa
c) He helped get map makers and navigators trained better
d) All of 'em!

What other era is the Industrial Revolution MOST connected to?
a) Imperialism
b) The Cold War
c) World War II
d) Russian Revolution

What did the Treaty of Versailles do to Germany?
a) It blamed them for World War II
b) It helped them recover from World War II
c) It blamed them for World War I
d) Nothing, because Germany won the war

Which of the following is NOT a reason why Europeans explored?
a) They were looking for a new water route
b) They were looking for spices and gold
c) They wanted better education
d) They were spreading the Christian faith

Why did the East Germans build the Berlin Wall?
a) To symbolize communism
b) To keep West Berliners out of East Berlin
c) To help the East Berlin economy
d) To keep people from leaving East Berlin to West Berlin

A person that lost all of their life savings most likely was living during what time period?
a) World War I
b) Roaring 20s
c) Great Depression
d) World War II

Why was the Russian Revolution fought?
a) The Russian peasants were tired of fighting in World War II
b) Joseph Stalin wanted to bring freedom to the Russian people
c) The Russian peasants felt mistreated by the czars for years
d) The Russians wanted to become a democracy

What did Portugal, England, Spain, and France have in common that made exploration easier?
a) They all spoke the same language
b) They had the only ships
c) They all border a sea or ocean, making travel easier
d) They had nothing in common, it was all just dumb luck

What period of time led to the Cold War?
a) World War I
b) Great Depression
c) Industrial Revolution
d) World War II

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