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Which of these is not an organism?
a) rock
b) bird
c) dog
d) fish

The smallest unit of life that all living things are made up of are called?
a) cells
b) atoms
c) particles
d) minerals

An organism makes internal changes to maintain or keep the right amount of water and food in its cells. This is an example of?
a) homeostasis
b) osmosis
c) photosynthesis
d) grow

The main source of energy for most living things comes from the?
a) sun
b) air
c) earth
d) soil

You getting bumpy skin and shivering when cold is an example of?
a) response to stimuli
b) growth
c) being organized
d) homeostasis

You notice that your dog has become too heavy to pick up and carry anymore. this is an example of?
a) growth
b) excretion
c) reproduction
d) nutrition

I had to run a mile during gym today and I was able to run it in 8 minutes.
a) movement
b) excretion
c) respiration
d) response to stimuli

What is the length of time an organism is expected to live?
a) life span
b) stimulis
c) theory
d) homeostasis

Respiration is a very important function that all living things perform. Respiration occurs in cells. What is the correct equation?
a) oxygen + food- CO2 + Energy
b) CO2+ food - oxygen +Energy
c) Energy + food - CO2 + oxygen
d) oxygen + Energy - CO2 +food

The opossum is omnivorous, eating a large variety of plant and animals such as: fruits, insects and other small animals. This is an example of?
a) nutrition
b) movement
c) respiration
d) reproduction

If attacked or unable to fight or run from danger, an opossum plays dead. sometimes it does this for hours by lying on its side while its mouth and rear emit a green fluid whose horrible odor deters most predators. This is an example of?
a) response to stimuli
b) movement
c) reproduction
d) growth

The male opossum attracts the female by making clicking sounds with its mouth. Female opossums have litters up to twice a year and the males part ways once they are born. This is an example of?
a) reproduction
b) excretion
c) nutrition
d) respiration

Opossum droppings may resemble droppings of a house cat, small dogs, coyotes and foxes. This is an example of?
a) excretion
b) movement
c) nutrition
d) respiration

Which of the following is the best example of homeostasis?
a) a plants ability to open and close its leave with the change of sunlight
b) the movement of a cat towards food
c) the ability for humans to keep their body temperature at 98.6 degrees
d) the production of eggs by most insects

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