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The first part of the Stone Age is known as the ____________ Era
a) Neolithic
b) Paleolithic
c) Mesolithic
d) Stoneolithic

_________ is a community of people who share a common culture.
a) Migration
b) Environment
c) Society
d) Land Bridge

Any handheld object that helps a person acomplish a task is a ___________.
a) tool
b) hammer
c) pencil
d) screwdriver

The last continent humans migrated to was _______________
a) North America
b) Asia
c) Antarctica
d) South America

What is culture?
a) knowledge, belief, customs, and values of a group of people
b) information gathered by someone who did not take part in or witness an event
c) natural features of land's surface
d) pattern of weather conditions in a certain area over a long period of time.

Objects created and used by humans are known as
a) primary source
b) secondary source
c) artifact
d) society

Who discoverd Lucy?
a) Mary Leaky
b) Donald Johanson
c) Tim White
d) Hayes Grier

What differentiates each era of the Stone Age?
a) tools used
b) types of animals alive
c) the areas people lived in
d) the food that was eaten

Where did humans first exsist?
a) Asia
b) North America
c) Australia
d) Africa

What is an early ancestor of humans?
a) hunter-gatherer
b) migrator
c) hominid
d) fossil

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