6TH GRADE SCIENCE CHAPTER 2 PART 3 Question Preview (ID: 27067)

Chemistry.[print questions]

Where are metals located on the periodic table?
a) Last two columns on the right
b) Top Row
c) To the right of the nonmetals
d) To the left of the nonmetals

A paper clip breaks after being bent repeatedly. What type of change has the paper clip undergone?
a) Physical Change
b) Endothermic Change
c) None of the answer choices
d) Chemical Change

A sample of ethyl alcohol has a mass of 39.5g and a volume of 50mL........What is the density of the alcohol? hint: D=m/v (you need to know this formula)
a) 0.79g/cm^3
b) 0.79g
c) 0.79g/mL
d) 0.79mL

Anything that has mass and takes up space.
a) Mass
b) Matter
c) Compound
d) Element

A single kind of matter that is pure, meaning it always has a specific makeup, or composition.
a) Molecule
b) Weight
c) Mass
d) Substance

The amount of space that matter occupies. (To calculate: Volume=Length X Width X Height for a solid object)
a) Volume
b) Mass
c) Density

The basic particle from which all elements are made.
a) Element
b) Compound
c) Molecule
d) Atom

A group of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds
a) Compound
b) Element
c) Molecule

A force of attraction between two atoms.
a) Chemical
b) Chemical bond
c) Atom
d) Nuclear Bond

A usually solid material that is a good conductor of both electricity and heat. Besides being good conductors, other important physical properties include luster, malleability, and ductility.
a) Nonmetal
b) Metalloid
c) Metal

A substance that can conduct electric current under special circumstances.
a) Conductor
b) Semiconductor

This alters the form or appearance of matter but does not turn any substance in the matter into a different substance.
a) Physical Change
b) Chemical Change

The fact that matter is not created or destroyed in any chemical or physical change is this.
a) Thermal Energy
b) Law of Conservation of Mass

The melting of ice is this, a change in which energy is absorbed.
a) Thermal Change
b) Endothermic Change

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