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What was the importance of the Battle of Kettle Creek?
a) The Indians joined withe colonist to defeat the British.
b) The colonist took need weapons and horses from the British.
c) The British were driven into Florida and were able to regroup.
d) It was the last battle fought in Georgia during the Revolutionary War.

Austin Dabney was the only African American granted land by the state of Georgia in the 18th century because he
a) had worked with General Elijah Clarke.
b) had inherited it from his former master.
c) sued the state in federal court to get the land.
d) served bravely during the Revolutionary War.

Button Gwinnett, George Walton, and ________________ were the three signers of the Declaration of Independence from Georgia.
a) Lyman Hall
b) James Wright
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) James Oglethorpe

Which of these BEST describes the attitudes of the citizens of Georgia on the eve of the Revolutionary War?
a) Georgians unanimously supported the independence movement.
b) Most Georgians rejected independence because they feared the French and Spanish in the region.
c) Georgians unanimously rejected the independence movement.
d) Many Georgians were unsure because the colony was the newest of all the British colonies.

The French-Indian/Seven Years War is often viewed by historians as being a factor in causing the American Revolution. Which of these BEST explains why this might be the case?
a) The Indians believed the colonists would return seized lands to them
b) The high cost of the war meant Parliament had to create new taxes in the American colonies.
c) The British were able to defeat the French in North America, Asia, and at sea.
d) The French were never truly expelled and played a large role in stirring-up colonial discontent.

The leader of the rebel militia group that defeated 800 British troops at the Battle of Kettle Creek was
a) Lyman Hall
b) Elijah Clark
c) Austin Dabney
d) John Treutlen

What was the purpose of the Declaration of Independence?
a) to serve as a preamble to the Constitution
b) to demand the colonist be given the same rights as British citizens
c) to dissolve the political connection between the colonies and Great Britain
d) to inform King George III that the colonist had ratified the Articles of Confederation

Why did many Georgians boycott British goods, such as paint and tea, during the mid-1700s?
a) England had placed tax on the goods.
b) Most colonial merchants could not afford them.
c) The goods were inferior to other European goods.
d) Colonist were able to produce these goods on their own.

Hart County, Georgia, was named for Nancy Hart. What role did Nancy Hart play in Georgia history?
a) She started the first public school in Georgia.
b) She was the first female senator from Georgia.
c) She was a legendary heroine of the Revolutionary War.
d) She was the wife of the first elected governor of Georgia.

One result of British regulations such as the Sugar and Stamp Acts was America's resentment of
a) foreign alliances
b) locally appointed governing bodies
c) taxation without representation
d) government control of speech

The Proclamation of 1763 stated that colonist could not settle beyond which of the following geographical features?
a) Mississippi River
b) Great Plains
c) Appalachian Mountains
d) Rocky Mountains

What was the MOST significant result of the siege of Savannah?
a) The British were used out of Georgia.
b) The city of Savannah remained in British hands.
c) It was the deadliest battle of the Revolutionary War.
d) It was the last major conflict of the Revolutionary War.

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