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The Declaration of Independence called for ____________________ if government was to be found corrupt.
a) revolution
b) unnatural rights
c) separation of powers
d) strong monarchies

As a result of Shay's Rebellion, _____________________ wanted the Articles of Confederation revised.
a) miners
b) merchants
c) farmers
d) dentists

_________________ was the first state to have a bill of rights.
a) New York
b) South Carolina
c) Massachusetts
d) Virginia

The Articles of Confederation did not create a _______________ national government.
a) strong
b) weak
c) democratic
d) somewhat weak

Articles of Confederation allowed for a declaration of _________________.
a) war
b) taxation
c) separation of powers
d) litigation

The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 provided a new way to admit new ______________into the Union.
a) governors
b) states
c) documents
d) governments

A territory could ask Congress to be admitted as a new state when it had a population of__________________ free settlers.
a) 60000
b) 40000
c) 20000
d) 100000

In forming their new governments, most of the 13 states wrote _____________________.
a) unfair laws
b) constitutions
c) tickets
d) proclamations denouncing the Federalist Papers

The _______________________ was the first self-governing document in America.
a) Magna Carta
b) Constitution
c) Bill of Rights
d) Articles of Confederation

The first capital in the United States was located in ___________________.
a) Massachuetts
b) South Carolina
c) New York
d) Ohio

The plan of government for the Articles of Confederation showed that Americans __________________ a strong national government.
a) wanted
b) feared
c) accepted
d) looked forward to

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