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Known for the Social Contract Theory, Popular Sovereignty and stood up for the common people
a) Rousseau
b) Locke
c) Montesquieu
d) Voltaire

Consent of the governed (what government can can’t do), All men had equal rights, The government could be overthrown if it wasn’t doing its job
a) Locke
b) Voltaire
c) Montesquieu
d) Rousseau

Separation of Powers
a) Montesquieu
b) Voltaire
c) Rousseau
d) Locke

Separation of Church State, Freedom of Religion. (Not his real name)
a) Voltaire
b) Locke
c) Montesquieu
d) Rousseau

limited govt. , takes power from the king, Outcome of the Glorious revolution
a) English Bill of Rights
b) English Civil War
c) American Revolution
d) French Revolution

Fought for parliament, leader of the Roundheads, established the “Republic” of England, Became a dictator called the Lord Protector
a) Oliver Cromwell
b) Charles I
c) Charles II
d) James II

Signed by king John in 1215, Limits the power of the king, Establishes a Constitutional Monarchy, Affected all British Citizens including the colonists
a) Magna Carta
b) English Bill of Rights
c) The Constitution
d) Declaration of Independence

Established a limited govt. in England, Parliament took power from the king , William of orange becomes king in a bloodless overthrow of power, establishes the English Bill of rights
a) Glorious Revolution
b) American Revolution
c) French Revolution
d) English Civil War

Introduction of the constitution,supports popular sovereignty, supports limited govt.
a) Preamble
b) Bill of Rights
c) Executive Branch
d) Judicial Branch

True or False: Common Good benefits everyone
a) True
b) False

written form of govt., limits power of the govt., inspired by Locke, Montesquieu, Rousseau, Voltaire, protects natural rights
a) Constitution
b) Monarchy
c) Totalitarianism
d) Unlimited Governmetn

created a new style of limited government which gave power to the people, inspired by the Enlightenment, overthrew England
a) American Revolution
b) French Revolution
c) English Civil War
d) Glorious Revolution

limited govt., part of the constitution, explains peoples’ rights
a) Bill of Rights
b) Preamble
c) Legislative Branch
d) Executive Branch

National govt. over state govt. one central govt. over the state gov’t
a) Federalism
b) Mercantilism
c) Communism
d) Feudalism

Inspired other revolutions, support the protection of people’s natural rights
a) American and French Revolutions
b) American Revolution
c) French Revolution
d) English Civil War

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