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What is theme?
a) what the reading selection is about
b) the lesson the author the wants the reader to learn
c) choosing another good title for the reading selection
d) reading carefully and choosing the right answer

Which of the following is an example of theme?
a) Students should always to their homework.
b) You should always pay attention in class.
c) Who a person is on the inside is more important than what they look like.
d) You should always look both ways before you cross the street.

Jill said that she would always help a friend in need. But when Lisa needed her her she said she was busy sorting her stickers.
a) It's better to give than to receive
b) Don't judge people before you know them
c) Actions speak louder than words
d) Treat others how you would like to be be treated

Sarah's grumpy 80 year old neighbor was always yelling. When he yelled at Sarah for coming into his yard, she said yes sir and ran home.
a) Treat others like you want to be treated
b) Persistence pays off
c) Be friends to everyone
d) Respect your elders

Kaiden was more excited to give everyone the gifts he got them than he was to get his gifts from them!
a) Accept yourself for who you are
b) It's better to give than to receive
c) Always follow the rules that are given
d) Be patient

When Emily started playing the piano, she was terrible. Every day after school, she would practice. By the end of the year, she could play a song!
a) Persistence pays off
b) Always do your best
c) Accept yourself for who you are
d) Change can be difficult at times

Gabe never plays at recess. Mike decides to ask him if he wants to play. Mike knows he would like to be asked to play if he was Gabe.
a) It's important to follow the rules
b) Treat others like you would want to be treated
c) Don't judge others before you know them
d) Be friends with everyone

A character prepares for every possible situation and ends up really needing something they packed.
a) Stand up for what is right
b) Hard work pays off in the end
c) Do not talk to people you do not know
d) Always be prepared

A character waits until the last minute to do everything. They are always in a rush and miss out on things with friends.
a) Make sure all your homework is done
b) Don't put things off till the last minute
c) Hard work pays off
d) Keep trying until you get it

A character shows how much they care for their family. They put family first and can count on them.
a) Family is important
b) Choose your friends wisely
c) Honesty is the best policy
d) Always tell the truth

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