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Which line contains figurative language?
a) You will be found by the passing public.
b) She obeyed, as always, without a word.
c) They raised the country with lynching intentions, but the bird had flown.
d) The young wife shut herself up in her father’s house.

The author’s vivid descriptions in the excerpt from The Awakening by Kate Chopin and figurative language lead the reader to infer that…
a) The wife is weak and lacks confidence.
b) The husband is concerned only with the appearance of the wife and not her well-being.
c) The wife is having an affair.
d) The husband is annoyed after having to wait for his wife.

With the help of this magical intervention, he left town and narrowly avoided death. In the previous lines, the word intervention can most accurately be defined as...
a) an event that occurs exactly half way between two different points in time.
b) a group of people that comes together to help someone change destructive behaviors.
c) an event that changes the development or outcome of a situation
d) a legal paper submitted to a judge during a trial to voice the concerns of a party.

2. When the report uncovered the scandal surrounding the politician, she carefully plotted the release of her story, knowing that she had the power to topple him. In the previous sentence, the word topple means…
a) to lean over or become unbalanced
b) to trip or fall over
c) to break into pieces from being top-heavy
d) to defeat or overthrow

Which list accurately defines the IDEAL survival water source over the course of the text “Find Water for Survival in Extreme Cold” by Joy Montefusco?
a) Stagnant water, or melted snow, kept in a container near a heat source
b) Running water, or melted snow, kept in a container away from your body
c) Stagnant water, or melted ice, kept in a container near a heat source
d) Running water, or melted ice, kept in a container near a heat source

Based on clues in the text “Find Water for Survival in Extreme Cold” by Joy Montefusco, we can assume that the word porous means:
a) completely transparent
b) easily penetrated by liquids
c) clean or sterile
d) able to easily catch fire

Which of the following describes the evolution of the definition of treason throughout history in the article, Historical Concept of Treason: English, American (1959) from the Indiana Law Journal?
a) Treason started as a way to describe betrayal of individual people and then later broadened to include betrayal of communitie
b) It started as a word describing any crime and was used by rulers as they pleased, but then became defined more specifically.
c) In earlier definitions, treason was a crime committed by soldiers or warriors, but later expanded to include common citizens.
d) The original definition of treason, developed by Romans, has been adopted by other communities without change through history

Which of the following is not a definition of treason mentioned in the article, Historical Concept of Treason: English, American (1959) from the Indiana Law Journal?
a) Trying to use royal power when it is not permitted
b) Ruining the honor of a people
c) Declaring war on your own community
d) Escaping from your country

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...In the Bill of Rights, which definition matches the use of the word exercise?
a) Bodily movement for the sake of training or improving health
b) A written composition, musical piece, or artistic work
c) To make use of one’s privileges or powers
d) A disciplined repetition of movements or drills

Standard 4 tests students on
a) context clues
b) author's choices
c) main idea and development
d) citing textual evidence

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