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The amount of income before taxes and other deductions
a) net pay
b) gross pay
c) take home pay

A government program which helps people with disability or old age; we pay this as part of a payroll tax
a) social security
b) federal witholding
c) commission
d) unemployment insurance

The amount deducted from a paycheck by an employer to pay pay taxes so the government can provide services to it's people
b) Federal withholding taxes
c) Social security
d) IRS

When you go to work, you will fill out a form to help your employer determine what percentage of taxes to take out. It is called a
a) I9 form
b) W4 form
c) W2 form
d) Medicare form

Sales taxes are paid to __________________ and they send the money to the government
a) IRS
b) state comptrollers
c) city governments
d) merchants

a % of sales paid to a person for their income.
a) commission
b) base salary
c) overtime
d) allowance

a) payment for work over 40 hour work week
b) 40 hours of less of work a week
c) fixed amount of money paid to a person on a regular basis
d) base hourly wage set by the government

a) people on this are not paid by the hour
b) is minimum $7.35 per hour
c) is the take home pay
d) includes commission

Your favorite teacher:
a) Mr. Plank
b) Mrs. Thiede
c) Miss Smith
d) Mr. Nicoll

Miss Smith's favorite food:
a) Collard greens
b) Pork chops
c) Pie
d) Salad

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