Ecosystems #6 Question Preview (ID: 26854)


slightly salty, as in the mixture of river water and sea water in estuaries
a) brackish
b) resource
c) water cycle
d) nitrogen cycle

pertaining to conifer trees
a) coniferous
b) resource
c) deciduous
d) degrade

Any of various needle-leaved or scale-leaved, chiefly evergreen, cone-bearing trees or shrubs, such as pines, spruces, and firs.
a) conifer
b) oak tree
c) fern
d) mosses

any material that helps support life on Earth. 
a) resource
b) chocolate
c) degrade
d) community

Where fresh water mixes with salt water
a) estuaries
b) river
c) sea
d) ocean

poorly developed, roots, leaves; grow very low to ground; require moist habitat;
a) mosses
b) salt water
c) water cycle
d) degrade

to make worse, harm
a) degrade
b) help
c) Biome
d) Population

The continuous exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen among living things. 
a) carbon cycle
b) water cycle
c) degrade cycle
d) nitrogen cycle

the continuous movement of water between Earth’s surface and the air, changing from liquid to gas to liquid.
a) water cycle
b) nitrogen cycle
c) WATER THOSE?! Cycle
d) carbon cycle

The continuous trapping of nitrogen gas into compounds in the soil and its return to the air. 
a) nitrogen cycle
b) animals
c) carbon ccyle
d) estuaries

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