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What type of valleys are made by valley glaciers?
a) U-shaped
b) V-shaped
c) flat
d) streambed

What effect does vegetation have on erosion?
a) It increases the possibility of mass movement.
b) It speeds erosion up.
c) It has no effect whatsoever.
d) It slows down erosion.

Which force causes erosion to occur?
a) nuclear
b) electrical
c) gravity
d) magnetic

A delta is created when __________.
a) sediments are deposited as water empties into a river
b) river water empties from a mountain valley onto an open plain
c) a rill or gully empties into a stream
d) sediments are deposited as water empties into an ocean

The material formed from rocks broken down by weathering is called
a) sediment
b) oxidation
c) erosion
d) crumbs

The wearing away of soil and rock is called
a) runoff
b) drainage
c) erosion
d) infiltration

The moving of weathered material from one location to another is called
a) weathering
b) erosion
c) deposition
d) gravity

How does rock break by ice wedging?
a) Plant roots crack the rock as it grows
b) Water inside the cracks of a rock expands in volume when it freezes
c) Rocks break apart as they grind together

How are plants involved in the chemical weathering of rocks?
a) Plant roots can break rock as they grow.
b) Plants can secrete a weak acid that can dissolve the rocks
c) Plants cause rocks to rust

Which type of erosion creates a V shaped valley?
a) Glacier Erosion
b) River erosion
c) Wind erosion
d) Gravity erosion

Which of the following is not a type of mechanical weathering?
a) Plant roots
b) Ice Wedging
c) Abrasion
d) Oxidation

Of the following, which is the slowest type of erosion?
a) Landslides
b) Slump
c) Flooding
d) Creep

Which type of erosion is probably most responsible for shaping the Earth?
a) Erosion by gravity
b) Erosion by water
c) Erosion by glaciers
d) Erosion by wind

Slumps, creeps, rockfalls, rock slides, and mudflows are examples of __________.
a) soil formation
b) mass movement
c) erosion from wind
d) deposition

What causes dunes to form?
a) deposits from streams
b) glacial deposits
c) mountain building
d) wind erosion

How does soil erosion affect topsoil?
a) It washes it away.
b) It moves the topsoil to other areas where it is more needed.
c) It keeps it moist.
d) It makes it more fertile.

How do chemical and mechanical weathering differ?
a) Mechanical and chemical weathering can happen with the help of animals.
b) Plant roots can help mechanical weathering occur, but have no impact on soil when it comes to chemical weathering.
c) Chemical weathering can occur with the help of water reacting with carbon dioxide, and water has nothing to do with mechanica
d) Mechanical weathering occurs when rocks are broken by physical processes, and chemical weathering happens when chemical react

Each layer of a soil profile is called a __________
a) humus
b) horizontal
c) litter
d) horizon

Surface processes that work to break down rock is called__________.
a) ice wedging
b) oxidation
c) erosion
d) weathering

Soil is a mixture of __________.
a) decayed organic matter and oxygen
b) weathered rock and water
c) rock and water
d) eroded rock, organic material, water and air

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