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A two house legislature is called:
a) Tricameral
b) Unicameral
c) Bicameral
d) Monocameral

A collection of people that a similar to you would be called your:
a) Peers
b) Grand Jury
c) Pardon
d) Flora

To approve something is to:
a) Deny
b) Pardon
c) Ratify
d) Bail

The power an executive has to release someone and forgive them of their crime
a) Bail
b) Alluvial
c) Felony
d) Pardon

A serious crime is called a:
a) Misdemeanor
b) Felony
c) Ad Valoreum
d) Eminent Domain

The right of the government to take personal property is called:
a) Felony
b) Bicameral
c) Elevation
d) Eminent Domain

The height of something above sea level is called:
a) Altitude
b) Elevation
c) Groundwater
d) Flora

This word means all the plants that make up a region:
a) Flora
b) Fauna
c) Bail
d) Peers

Taxes placed on items like car tags and property is called:
a) Poll tax
b) Bicameral
c) Ad Valorem
d) Alluvial

The body of people brought together to determine if an indictment is possible
a) Grand Jury
b) Ad Valorem
c) Alluvial
d) Bicameral

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