World Civ Unit 2 Part 3 Test Question Preview (ID: 26837)

Unit 2.

Who was the great orator who had once spoken at King Louis XVI’s Coronation, then later would lead the Reign of Terror and ironically die by his own movement and fervor?
a) JJ Rousseau
b) Emmanuel Kant
c) Napoleon Bonaparte
d) Maximillien Robespierre

Which newspaper editor wrote fiery columns that called for the death of any who still supported the king by accusation of treason against France? He would die by the hands of a female who stabbed him in his bathtub.
a) Georges Danton
b) Napoleon Bonaparte
c) Maximllien Robespierre
d) Jean-Paul Marat

What was the time period where Robespierre governed France as a dictator and used the Committee of Public Safety to justify killing anybody he deemed an enemy of the revolution?
a) Robespierre’s Reign
b) The French Revolution
c) The Reign of Terror
d) The Napoleonic Era

Which of the following was NOT a reason for Napoleon to take part in the Louisiana Purchase?
a) Give up American colonies to focus on European expansion
b) Make Britain angry
c) Weaken the Americans
d) For financial reasons-they needed money

Napoleon was finally defeated at which battle?
a) The Battle of Waterloo
b) The Battle of Westphalia
c) The Battle of Moscow
d) The Battle of Paris

Napoleon invaded Russia in the fall. As the Russians retreated, they burned crops and killed the livestock, leaving no resources for Napoleon’s troops. This policy is known as what?
a) Scorched Earth Policy
b) Mutually Assured Destruction
c) Abandonment Policy
d) Moscow Policy

The policy Napoleon put in place that was a blockade to prevent all trade and communications between Great Britain and other European nations is known as what?
a) Legitimacy
b) Napoleonic Code
c) Coup de’tat
d) Continental System

What were the two islands that Napoleon was exiled to?
a) Elba and St. Helena
b) Elba and St. Augustus
c) Monaco and St. Helena
d) Jamaica and St. Augustus

The European powers met to create a new European order with long lasting peace and stability. The name of this event is
a) The Continental Congress
b) National Assembly
c) Congress of Vienna
d) Congress of Paris

The greatest patron during the early Renaissance was the Florentine banker
a) Niccolo Machiavelli
b) Cosimo de Medici
c) Michelangelo Buonarroti
d) Leonardo da Vinci

Gutenberg’s printing press was a critical part of the reformation, for what reason?
a) The ability to spread ideas throughout Europe quickly
b) A vernacular bible was able to be spread throughout Europe
c) It provided people with employment, and they no longer had to rely on the church.
d) The ability to spread information about Renaissance artists.

What resulted when King Henry VIII was not granted a divorce from Catherine of Aragon?
a) Henry had her beheaded
b) Henry stayed married to Catherine
c) Henry sent Catherine to live in a convent
d) Henry separated England from the Catholic Church, and made himself the head of his new church, then granted his own divorce.

The greed of _____________________ was partly responsible for the domination of the Aztec empire and the enslavement of its people.
a) Vasco de Gama
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Hernando Cortez
d) Francisco Pizzaro

Which of the following events was a major factor in the desire of countries like Portugal and Spain to find a different route to Asia?
a) Fall of the Roman Empire
b) Black Death
c) Defeat of the Spanish Armada
d) Conquering of Constantinople by the Ottomans

What was the route in the Atlantic where slaves were shipped from Africa into the New World?
a) The Atlantic Passage
b) The Middle Passage
c) The Columbian Exchange
d) The Trail of Tears

Martin Luther was excommunicated for what reason?
a) He wrote the 95 Theses.
b) He initiated the Reformation.
c) He refused to buy indulgences.
d) He refused to recant his 95 Theses.

The central Italian city-state that controlled banking centers in Europe was
a) Genoa
b) Florence
c) Milan
d) Rome

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