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According to the book, where are old-growth forests found in the world?
a) the United States
b) Russia
c) Japan
d) All of the above

In what way are all the forests in this book alike?
a) They all have sequoia trees.
b) They all are at least 150 years old.
c) They all are mostly made up of deciduous trees.
d) They all have snow leopards.

Which of the following is an opinion?
a) People should not be allowed in old-growth forests.
b) Sequoias are the largest trees in the world.
c) No one has seen a snow leopard for years in Russia.
d) Deciduous trees lose their leaves every fall.

According to the author, what will happen if old-growth forests disappear?
a) New towns and roads can be built.
b) New plants will grow.
c) The animals that live there will vanish.
d) People will not know how old the trees were.

The Caucasus region in Russia is home to ____________________.
a) snow leopards
b) wisents
c) coniferous trees
d) all of the above

What is the main reason the author wrote this book?
a) to entertain
b) to inform
c) to persuade
d) all of the above

Which of the following is a detail about the old-growth forest in Japan?
a) The forest is home to a rare kind of serow.
b) The forest is home to the endangered flying squirrel.
c) The forest is home to the wisent.
d) The forest has no animal life.

The  ________ is a layer of the forest where the tops of trees form a dense layer.
a) ecosystem
b) canopy
c) reserve
d) sequoia

The author probably wanted to __________________.
a) let readers know about the General Sherman tree
b) entertain readers with a story about how old trees can be
c) inform readers about unique old-growth forests
d) persuade readers to visit Sequoia National Park

Trees that have leaves that drop off in the fall and grow back in the spring are  _______________.
a) deciduous
b) coniferous
c) evergreen
d) old

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