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Ted Bundy discovered what interesting fact about his family?
a) His father was his grandfather.
b) His mother was actually who he believed to be was his sister.
c) His grandmother committed suicide
d) His stepfather killed his birth father.

Where did Dahmer locate his victims?
a) College campuses
b) Concerts
c) Gay bars and nightclubs
d) Bus Stations

Which serial killer cannibalized his victims?
a) Charles Manson
b) Jeffrey Dahmer
c) Aileen Wuornos
d) John Wayne Gacy

Identify the victim that police brought back to Dahmer’s apartment after women called 911 finding the boy naked and disoriented.
a) Steven Hicks
b) Steve Toumi
c) Konerak Sinthasomphone
d) George Costanza

All of the following happened in Jeffrey Dahmer’s young life EXCEPT:
a) Played with roadkill
b) Parents divorced and both parents moved out of the house, leaving Jeffrey alone.
c) He faked seizures in high school to get a laugh.
d) He killed his girlfriend his sophomore year in high school.

Which of the following was NOT a victim of the Manson Murders?
a) Sharon Tate
b) Abigail Folger
c) Grace Kelly
d) Jay Sebring

In Manson’s mind what would initiate the race war?
a) MLK Jr.’s assassination
b) Manson killed an African American drug dealer
c) Manson’s victims were all African American gay men
d) Charles Manson was white and was a better singer than Ray Charles.

What was the relationship between Manson and the music industry?
a) The Manson family actually lived with Beach Boy, Dennis Wilson, for awhile.
b) Charles Manson played guitar and wanted a record deal.
c) Terry Melcher came to the ranch to hear Manson perform.
d) All of the above are true.

Which of the following was not a crime committed by Manson early in life?
a) Robbery
b) Vandalism
c) Murder
d) Pimping

How did the Manson Family form?
a) They wanted drugs.
b) They were all lost souls who came together as a family.
c) They committed murders together.
d) They were a band.

Identify the location of Charles Manson’s birth.
a) Cincinnati, OH
b) Lexington, KY
c) Columbus, OH
d) Clarksburg, WV

What was electric shock therapy used for?
a) Depression
b) Hysteria
c) Anxiety
d) All of the above

BTK's preferred method of murder was:
a) Gunshot
b) Stabbing
c) Blunt force trauma
d) Strangulation

Who was Son of Sam?
a) Richard Kuklinski
b) Dennis Radar
c) Landon Miller
d) David Berkowitz

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