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What is God's Plan for Us?
a) To restore what was lost in the Fall.
b) To root for Tom Brady
c) To send us to Hell.
d) To send us a contract.

Why doesn't God just give up on us?
a) He wants us to suffer.
b) He wants us to die.
c) God's love, patience and understanding has no human limits.
d) He wants us to feel guilty.

Why did god send the Messiah to humanity?
a) Because the Messiah wanted to take a trip.
b) The Messiah would fully restore humanity's original holiness and justice.
c) God wanted us to sort of get a little tiny bit better.
d) Because King David wanted to build a house.

What does the loss of original holiness and original justice mean for human beings?
a) Human beings cannot have nice things.
b) Human beings cannot be redeemed.
c) God will not interact with human beings again.
d) The relationships humans have with God, each other, and with the earth are more difficult and challenging.

What does God bring to those who have faith from sin and suffering?
a) Good.
b) Bad.
c) Shame.
d) Blame.

What is the literal meaning of the Protoevangelium?
a) First pope.
b) First Bible.
c) First Gospel.
d) First Covenant.

What does literal sense mean?
a) A form of bibilical interpretation that considers the explicit meaning of the text.
b) A form of biblical interpretation - goes beyond literal sense to consider what realities/events mean for salvation.
c) A form of biblical interpretation - considers what Fr. DePorres says is true and sticks to it.
d) A form of biblical interpretation - considers the number of words used to signify meaning.

The Scriptures mean
a) the bible.
b) the writings.
c) the teachings.
d) the lessons.

Why, at the Easter Vigil, do we sing about a “Happy Fault”?
a) Because we all really like Easter.
b) Who doesn't like candy, even if it gets broken?
c) The priest tells us to do this.
d) This speaks of the tremendous good God gave us by sending his Son Jesus to us, as a result of our sin.

What is the Exile?
a) A good rock band.
b) The period of the Israelite captivity in Babylon after the destruction of Jerusalem in 587 BC.
c) When God sent Adam and Eve out of the Garden.M
d) When Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt.

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