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A page or collection of Web pages that can be viewed and modified by anybody with a Web browser and access to the Internet.
a) wiki
b) mashup
c) folksonomy
d) semantic web

A collection of personal thoughts posted on a public Web site.
a) ajax
b) wiki
c) blog
d) mashup

An implementation by which Web data is contextualized with the addition of machine-readable metadata.
a) semantic web
b) presence
c) messaging
d) netiquette

An audio or video digital-media file that is distributed through Web feeds to subscribed users.
a) presence
b) wiki
c) mashup
d) podcast

The practice of categorizing online content through tags.
a) collective intelligence
b) folksonomy
c) messaging
d) podcast

A Web page that integrates content and scripts from multiple Web sites to create new applications.
a) mashup
b) presence
c) convergence
d) crowdsourcing

The integration of telephony and data technologies.
a) call center
b) convergence
c) crowdsourcing
d) wiki

Ability to use technology on the go.
a) privacy
b) ethics
c) mobile computing
d) blog

A method of communication in which users type short messages from mobile phones.
a) instant mesage
b) text message
c) email
d) podcast

A concept referring to the changing trends in the use of WWW technology
a) web 1.0
b) www
c) html
d) web 2.0

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