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The party with the largest presence in the Knesset is able to choose who the Prime Minister (the executive branch leader) will be. This decribes:
a) parliamentary democracy
b) presidential democracy
c) autocratic government
d) oligarchic government

Iran-President Israel-Prime Minister Saudi Arabia-King Prime Minister You can conclude that:
a) Monarchy still exists
b) People cannot vote
c) There are no democracies
d) Unitary governments are not popular

What is a weakness of a confederation government system?
a) The central government has only as much power rule effectively as the local governments are willing to give.
b) confederations are too large
c) confederations do not share power with members
d) it is very expensive

In what way are the governments of Saudi Arabia and Israel similar?
a) both unitary
b) both monarchies
c) both confederacies
d) both federal

The government of Saudi Arabia can be classified as a monarchy. Which statement provides the BEST definition of this type of government?
a) a government ruled by a king, with absolute powers
b) a government ruled by a wealthy, upper class elite
c) a government ruled by a small group distinguished by royalty, wealth, family, or military powers
d) a government ruled by people who have been selected by talent, ability, and good leadership skills

Which type of government system has a central authority that holds all or nearly all of the power?
a) unitary
b) confederation
c) local
d) federal

Which type of government has no distinct separation between the powers of the legislative branch and the executive branch, is headed by a prime minister, and is practiced by both Israel and Turkey in the Middle East?
a) parliamenary
b) presidential
c) federal
d) unitary

How are parliamentary democracy and presidential democracy different?
a) A presidential democracy allows the population to choose the executive, but a parliamentary democracy allows the legislature
b) A presidential democracy does not have an equivalent to Parliament, the parliamentary democracy's legislative branch.
c) A parliamentary democracy does not have an individual executive but a presidential democracy does.
d) A parliamentary democracy does not have a judicial branch.

In which type of system do citizens have some rights to participation IF they are wealthy and powerful?
a) oligarchy
b) autocracy
c) democracy
d) confederation

Which statement is correct?
a) In a confederation, the local government holds more power than the central government, while in a unitary gov its opposite
b) In a unitary, the local government holds more power than the central government, while in a confederation it is the other way
c) In a confederation, the local government holds more power than the central government, while in a federal government it is th
d) In a federal government, the local government holds more power than the central government, while in a unitary government it

The war in Iraq was successful in removing dictator Saddam Hussein from power. Which term would BEST describe how the country was governed during his rule from 1979 until 2003?
a) autocracy
b) confederation
c) federation
d) oligarchy

Which form of government would have the LEAST amount of citizen participation?
a) an autocracy
b) an oligarchy
c) a democracy
d) a confederation

A federal government is one which
a) divides powers between the state and national government with the national government being supreme or sovereign
b) divides powers between the national and state governments with the state government holding supreme judicial power
c) concentrates all power in the hands of the central government
d) grants broad legislative powers to a bicameral legislature.

The State of Israel is a parliamentary democracy with universal suffrage. This means _________________ can participate in elections.
a) all citizens 18 and older
b) ony men 21 and older
c) rights to vote are hereditary
d) only the Knesset can vote

What role do the people play in a government like that of Saudi Arabia?
a) They have little influence; ruler makes decisions
b) People approve laws made by the ruler
c) They can elect the head of government
d) They have the power to vote a ruler out of office

The State of Israel is a parliamentary democracy. The head of government is the prime minister. How is the leader chosen?
a) elected by the Knesset
b) elected by the people
c) the position is hereditary
d) none of the above

How do the governments of Saudi Arabia and Israel treat their citizens differently?
a) Israel has universal suffrage
b) Saudi Arabia has universal suffrage
c) There is only freedom of speech in Saudi Arabia
d) Voting only takes place in Saudi Arabia

In which of the following ways is Saudi Arabia different from Iran?
a) Iran is a theocracy and Saudi Arabia is a monarchy
b) They are both democracies
c) Saudi Arabia is a monarchy while Iran is a democracy
d) Iran is a democracy and Saudi Arabia is a parliamentary democracy

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