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What is the sources of energy in the water cycle?
a) wind
b) ocean
c) sun
d) rain

Which is a type of precipitation?
a) clouds
b) vapor
c) dew
d) snow

Evaporation is when _____ changes to ______.
a) liquid; gas
b) liquid; solid
c) gas; liquid
d) solid; gas

When condensation happens, ______ appear.
a) rain
b) clouds
c) vapors
d) snow

______ air rises.
a) Cold
b) Fresh
c) Hot
d) Windy

As the water vapor rises, it begins to cool and _________ happens.
a) evaporation
b) transpiration
c) condensation
d) precipitation

_______ is the evaporation of water from plants.
a) Precipitation
b) Transpiration
c) Transportation
d) Condensation

What causes precipitation?
a) The hot sun.
b) The evaporation.
c) The wind.
d) The weight of the clouds.

Which of these is not a type of collection of precipitation?
a) bathtub
b) puddle
c) lake
d) ocean

Which is the first step in the water cycle?
a) evaporation
b) condesation
c) precipitation
d) there is no first step

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