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Which type of data is qualitative data?
a) heights in meters
b) volumes in milliliters
c) calculations of density
d) descriptions of behavior

Which characteristic best distinguishes quantitative data from qualitative data?
a) its validity
b) its repeatability
c) its ability to be graphed
d) its ability to be recorded

A biology class is studying the effect of temperature on the amount of growth of duckweed in an aquarium. What type of data will they need to collect, and which tools will most likely be used?
a) They will gather quantitative data, using a thermometer and a balance.
b) They will gather qualitative data, using a thermometer and a hand lens.
c) They will gather qualitative data, using a meter stick and a graduated cylinder.
d) They will gather quantitative data, using a beaker and a timer.

Some tools have graduations to show multiple measurements. For example, a ruler may have graduations for both millimeters and centimeters. When measuring the length of an earthworm, which graduations would allow for the most accurate measurement?
a) centimeters
b) millimeters
c) decimeters
d) meters

Density is mass per unit of volume. Which pair of lab instruments would a student use to measure the density of seawater?
a) a caliper and a flask
b) a stopwatch and a beaker
c) a balance and a graduated cylinder
d) a meter stick and a temperature probe

Dan gave five sunflower seedlings each a different type of fertilizer. He measured the initial and final heights of each plant after a month, then calculated the total growth of each one in centimeters. Which is the best method for visually represent
a) bar graph
b) pie graph
c) data table
d) Venn diagram

Omar studies the effects of a drought on the water level in a pond. He takes a reading of the water depth at the same location in the pond every day for the duration of the drought. Which method of displaying data would he most likely use to show cha
a) a bar graph
b) a line graph
c) a data table
d) a pie graph

LeeAnn wants to organize her data from researching the effect of hours of sunlight on plant growth to see if there is a trend in the data. Which would be the best way for LeeAnn to display her data for analysis so she can make predictions about the a
a) in a data table
b) in a line graph
c) in an area graph
d) in a pie graph

Which is usually the best way to present or communicate inferred data?
a) in a bar graph
b) in a data table
c) in a simple diagram
d) in a written paragraph

Which action is the best example of a direct observation?
a) identifying which bird was present by the tracks that it leaves in the sand at a beach
b) reading numbers on a heat sensor to conclude that there is a deer in the night woods
c) listening to a cricket chirp at night and counting the number of chirps per minute
d) determining the seal population of an island by counting seals in 10 square meters of the island

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