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The essential resources used by early peoples were
a) Water, animals, and fertile land
b) Water, copper, and animals
c) Copper, gold, and fertile land
d) Iron, copper, and water

What is the effect of climate on plant growth?
a) Plants that grow on certain kinds of landforms do not need climate
b) Plants grow best where there is climate.
c) Climate affects the temperature an amount of water plants will have.
d) Plants create their own climate depending on where they grow.

Which of the following is an example of a physical feature?
a) The language that people speak in a region
b) a center of population
c) Symbols on a map
d) a desert

A historian’s work includes all of the following except
a) Turning ancient discoveries into modern technology
b) Teaching and learning about culture and identity
c) Studying and interpreting history
d) Making predictions about the future based on the past

Where are some of California’s most populated areas located?
a) In places that have a marine climate
b) Near the Pacific Ocean and major rivers
c) In the far northern part of the state
d) In the Sierra Nevada Mountains

What is the difference between a primary source and an artifact?
a) Primary sources are studied by archaeologists; artifacts are studied by historians
b) Primary sources are written sources; artifacts are objects
c) Primary sources are made by people; artifacts are made by machines
d) Primary sources are studied by historians; artifacts are not

If a country wanted to make a better government, what would be the best piece of information to start?
a) fossils from the country
b) documents from leaders of the country in the past
c) maps about the country from 200 years ago
d) artifacts from the country that show different cultures

An archaeologist would most likely explore
a) a mountain range that forms the border of a geographic region.
b) a forest or other unpopulated area.
c) the site of an ancient battle.
d) data about climate in a region.

Which of the following would a historian be least interested in?
a) the bones of a group of people
b) the knowledge of a group of people
c) the beliefs of a group of people
d) the customs of a group of people

What would early people look for as they decided where to settle?
a) A location in a particular region
b) A location near a center of culture
c) A location near enough food and water
d) A location near a center of transportation

What effect did the Nile River have on Egyptian culture?
a) The Egyptians ate fish that they caught in the Nile River.
b) The Egyptians settled along the Nile River.
c) The Egyptians worshipped the Nile River.
d) The Egyptians needed the water of the Nile River.

Different environments helped contribute to different cultures because people
a) Made use of the resources in their particular region.
b) Had no way to communicate with one another over long distances.
c) Had wars that destroyed the environment and affected culture.
d) Borrowed from one another but changed things to suit their needs.

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