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How does wind change rocks?
a) It rubs rocks with sand and wears them down.
b) It picks up the rocks.
c) It cracks rocks.
d) Pizza

Which of the following causes erosion on land?
a) Pizza
b) Water
c) Tacos
d) Trees

How does ice change the shape of a rock?
a) It makes it cold.
b) It makes the rock huge.
c) It pushes pieces of a rock apart.
d) Pizza

Which of these dissolves some parts of rocks?
a) ice
b) Wind
c) Water
d) Pizza

What happens when a lot of rain falls on a hill?
a) The rain washes rocks and soil downhill.
b) The rain breaks rocks.
c) The rain makes the rocks stronger
d) Pizza

Which of the following causes erosion?
a) a bush
b) a tree
c) pizza
d) a glacier

What happens when gravity pulls rocks and soil to one place?
a) Rocks leave Earth.
b) New land is formed.
c) Water dissolves the rocks.
d) pizza

How long does it take for weather to change a rock?
a) many years
b) a couple days
c) many weeks
d) pizza

Which of these can move large rocks?
a) sand
b) minerals
c) a glacier
d) pizza

What is 42+26
a) Pizza
b) 66
c) 67
d) 68

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