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In the 1400s, this man helped Portugal take an early lead in exploration by providing money to study navigation, develop better boats, and encourage voyages along the coast of Africa. Who was he?
a) Prince Henry
b) Christopher Columbus
c) James Cook
d) Francisco Pizarro

Which was not a reason for the establishment of European overseas colonies?
a) Europeans were interested in learning from other cultures.
b) Europeans wanted to spread Christianity to other peoples.
c) European industry needed more sources of raw materials.
d) Europeans thought that colonies would buy European products.

Which of the following contributed to the outbreak of World War I?
a) European empire building in Africa and Asia
b) fear of the spread of communism
c) an explosion on the battleship Maine
d) the Japanese invasion of the Philippines

Which of the following was an important cause of the Russian Revolution of 1917?
a) differences among social and economic classes in Russia
b) differences among religious and ethnic groups in Russia
c) an unsuccessful attempt by China to invade Russia
d) an unsuccessful attempt by Britain to invade Russia

Withdrawal from WWI, poverty, starvation, overthrow of the czar, civil war and communism are associated with the
a) Russian Revolution.
b) Chinese Revolution.
c) French Revolution.
d) Spanish Revolution.

Which statement best summarizes the reasons for European exploration?
a) The Europeans were trying to expand their territories, gather riches, and spread their religion.
b) European explorers were trying to prove that the earth was not flat.
c) Europeans were looking to find ways to ease overcrowding in their cities.
d) The monarchs of Europe were trying to develop and use new sailing technologies.

What was not part of the Treaty of Versailles?
a) NATO was established to unite democratic countries
b) Germany had to pay reperations of $33 billion dollars
c) Germany had to accept all credit for WWI
d) Germany's military was disarmed

After WWII, tension between the Soviet Union and the USA led to what?
a) Cold War
b) Russian Revolution
c) German Reunification
d) The Holocaust

What was caused by the end of WWI and the 1929 Stock Market Crash?
a) Great Depression
b) Russian Revolution
c) The holocaust
d) German Reunification

Durring WWII, Jewish people were found by Allied forces in concentration camps. What was this called?
a) The Holocaust
b) The Great Depression
c) The Cold War
d) Jewish Rebellion

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