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What of the following things happened last or more recent
a) The Controlling of Fire
b) The migration to North America
c) Agriculture
d) The start of the Ice Ages

The bones from this animal was sometimes used to make a shelter during the Stone Ages
a) Sabre Tooth Tigers
b) T-Rex
c) Mammoths
d) Horses

The process of raising plants and animals for food is known as...
a) Domestication
b) Agriculture
c) Hunting and Gathering
d) Foraging

This is the term by definition means the process of making plants and animals useful to humans
a) domestication
b) foraging
c) hunting and gathering
d) agriculture

The term used to describe an object that helps a person accomplish a task is called...
a) A tool
b) A Circa
c) A burin
d) A chopper

This is the name of the worlds most famous megalith
a) Sillbury Barrow
b) Lascaux Cave
c) Stonehenge
d) Catal Huyuk

This is the continent in which humans are believed to have originated on
a) Europe
b) Africa
c) Asia
d) North America

The ability to walk on 2 feet is called...
a) Bi-Pedal
b) Forage
c) Migrate
d) Evolution

Humans migrated to all of the continents except...
a) South America
b) Europe
c) Asia
d) Antartica

What is the name given to a Stone Age burial mound? Hint: They kind of look like a sledding hill is some locations in England
a) A Barrow
b) A Megalith
c) A Runestone
d) A chopper

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