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Who is Ulape?
a) Karana's cousin
b) Karana's mother
c) Karana's sister
d) Karana's enemy

Who is Father Gonzales?
a) A missionary
b) A member of the Aleuts
c) One of the wild dogs
d) Karana's imaginary friend

Karana tames two animals to keep as pets. What are they?
a) Cats
b) Shellfish
c) Birds
d) Fish

Match the word with the definition: a narrow opening that results from a split or crack
a) crevice
b) headland
c) ravine
d) island

After Karana's father was killed who became the new chief?
a) Captain Orlov
b) Kimki
c) No new chief was selected
d) Ramo

Match the word with the definition: a long, deep, narrow valley eroded by running water
a) valley
b) ravine
c) lair
d) headland

Who is Rontu?
a) The island man that Karana's sister loves
b) Karana's little brother
c) One of the birds Karana captures to be her pet
d) The wild dog that becomes tame

Match the word with the definition: a narrow ridge of high land jutting out into the water
a) valley
b) ravine
c) lair
d) headland

Who is Karana's brother who was killed by the wild dogs?
a) Rontu
b) Ramo
c) Kimki
d) She didn't have a brother

Who is the main character of the novel?
a) Ramo
b) Karana
c) Ulape
d) Kimki

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