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Which option is not one of the 4 roles of government?
a) Pay for college
b) Protect the country
c) Make laws
d) Keep order

Which is NOT a characteristic of an absolute monarchy?
a) King, Queen or Emperor is the ruler
b) Leadership is passed down by blood
c) Ruled by religious doctrine
d) People have no power

Which is NOT a characteristic of a representative democracy?
a) Leader is elected by the people
b) Everyone votes for everything
c) People have all the power
d) Leader is limited by a constitution

Which is NOT a characteristic of a Constitutional Monarchy
a) People elect leader
b) Power is limited by a Constitution
c) People have power
d) King or Queen has ALL the power

What is NOT a characteristic of a Dictatorship
a) People have power
b) Takes leadership by force
c) Dictator is in charge
d) Rules with force and fear

Which is NOT a characteristic of a Theocracy
a) Leader is highest religious leader
b) Can be a part of other governments
c) Bound by their religious doctrine
d) Leader has unlimited power

What is an autocracy?
a) Type of gov't where 1 person is in charge
b) Type of gov't where people are in chare
c) Type of gov't where a few people are in charge
d) Type of gov't where no one is in charge

How are a direct and representative democracy different?
a) Representative votes on everything and direct elects people to vote
b) Representetive leader has all power. Direct power is limited
c) Direct votes for everything Representative elect people to vote
d) Direct has a king

What is the difference between a constitutional monarch and an absolute monarchy?
a) Absolute-king or queen rule. Const.-elect a leader
b) Absolute-elect a leader. Const.-king or queen rule
c) Absolute people have all power. Const. people have no power
d) Absolute is bound by a constitution. Const. has no constitution.

Which form of government can be ingrained in other types?
a) Monarchy
b) Democracy
c) Theocracy
d) Dictatorship

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