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Who was the God of music and poetry?
a) Apollo
b) Vulcan
c) Juno
d) Bacchus

What happened to the city of Pompeii?
a) Volcano Irruption
b) Tornado
c) Hurricane
d) Earthquake

Which form of art was not prominent in Roman culture?
a) Busts
b) Paintings
c) Tiled Mosaics
d) Wood Sculptures

What color signified a government official in the Roman Culture?
a) Purple
b) Orange
c) Red
d) Pink

The mother of a family was in charge of the family's finances.
a) False
b) True

What age did Roman boys begin their education?
a) 13
b) 9
c) 7
d) 3

What type of clothing did Romans wear out in public?
a) Toga
b) Tunic
c) Shirt
d) All of the above

What type of job did most Romans have if they lived in the countryside?
a) Farmer
b) Merchant
c) Craftsman
d) Solider

What type of salad is named after a Roman ruler?
a) Constantine the Great
b) Julius Caesar
c) Trajan
d) Augustus

What country has the capital city named Rome?
a) France
b) Italy
c) England
d) Hungry

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