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What is the largest city?
a) Raleigh
b) Charlotte
c) Durham
d) Greensboro

What is the state bird?
a) Bluebird
b) Pigeon
c) Cardinal
d) Seagull

What is the capital?
a) Wilmington
b) Charlotte
c) Asheville
d) Raleigh

What is the state flower?
a) Sunflower
b) Rose
c) Dogwood
d) Carnation

What are the state colors?
a) Red and Blue
b) Yellow and Orange
c) Green and Blue
d) Brown and White

What is the state beverage?
a) Milk
b) Lemonade
c) Fruit Punch
d) Cheerwine

What is the state vegetable?
a) Corn
b) Sweet Potato
c) Broccoli
d) Carrot

Which President was born in NC?
a) Barack Obama
b) Andrew Johnson
c) Herbert Hoover
d) James Monroe

What is the population?
a) 4.53 million
b) 1 billion
c) 9.94 million
d) 6.73 million

What number was NC to become a state?
a) 12th
b) 9th
c) 3rd
d) 24th

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