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Who was the leader of Massachusetts?
a) John Rolfe
b) John Ogilvee
c) John Winthrop
d) John Smith

How did Separatists get their name?
a) they wanted to live alone
b) they wanted to separate from the church
c) they wanted to move to a new area
d) they wanted to grow cotton

How did the Puritans get their name?
a) they were very child-like
b) they wanted to be vegan
c) they wanted to purify the Anglican church (Church of England)
d) they had higher morals

Which 2 states were founded by people that wanted to break away from the Puritans?
a) Rhode Island and Connecticut
b) Massachusetts and Maryland
c) Connecticut and New York
d) Virginia and Pennsylvania

Where did the Pilgrims settle?
a) New York, New York
b) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
c) Richmond, Virginia
d) Plymouth, Massachusetts

What was responsible for spreading disease around Jamestown?
a) unclean habits
b) mice
c) mosquitos
d) cockroaches

Why did many colonists leave England?
a) religious freedom
b) to avoid being arrested
c) to start a new career
d) for a change of scenery

Who was the leader of the Mayflower?
a) John Rolfe
b) John White
c) William Bradford
d) John Winthrop

What was the purpose of the Mayflower Compact?
a) to create a list of the names of the new settlers
b) to agree on rules that should be followed
c) to practice handwriting skills
d) to see who could read and write

Where was Jamestown founded and in what year?
a) near Chesapeake Bay, 1607
b) near Chesapeake Bay, 1610
c) near Plymouth, 1607
d) near Plymouth , 1610

What was around Jamestown to keep them safe?
a) a triangular fort
b) a heavily wooded forest
c) a lake
d) a moat

John Smith fought against lazy settlers by telling them that if they didn't work, _________
a) they didn't eat
b) he'd send them back to England
c) he would arrest them
d) he would make them a supervisor

Jamestown colonists got rich from growing which crop?
a) wheat
b) corn
c) apples
d) tobacco

What was the name of the lawmaking body in Jamestown?
a) Mayflower Compact
b) Articles of Confederation
c) House of Burgess
d) Parliment

When a king grants you permission to settle in a new land, it is called a ______________________.
a) charter
b) grant
c) freebie
d) settlement

John Smith was the leader of what colony?
a) Roanoke
b) Plymouth
c) Mayflower
d) Jamestown

Next to what type of landform was Jamestown located?
a) a swamp
b) a mountain
c) a canyon
d) a lake

Why did it take the leader of Roanoke, John White, 3 years to return with supplies?
a) Because England was at war with Spain
b) because he got lost
c) because he became very sick
d) he had been arrested while in England

What happened to the colony of Roanoke?
a) It flooded
b) The people disappeared
c) It burned to the ground
d) It grew into a huge city

Who settled Rhode Island?
a) Roger Williams
b) John Smith
c) William Penn
d) John Winthrope

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