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The introduction of Dancin' at the Rock has...
a) a treble clef and a bass clef
b) 2 treble clef signs
c) 2 bass clef signs
d) none of the above

The tempo for Dancin' at the Rock is...
a) 136
b) 138
c) 183
d) 4/4

In Dancin' at the Rock, the baritones have...
a) about 10 measures of whole rests on pages 2-3
b) about 10 measures of half rests on pages 2-3
c) about 10 measures of quarter rests on pages 2-3
d) about 10 measures on pages 2-3

The key signature at the beginning of Dancin' at the Rock has...
a) a hashtag
b) a number sign
c) 1 sharp sign
d) 1 flat sign

In Dancin' at the Rock, where does the key signature change?
a) it doesn't
b) page 6
c) measure 28
d) measure 29

Which dynamic markings appear In Dancin' at the Rock?
a) mf, f, unison, crescendo, p
b) ff, f, p
c) unis., cresc.,
d) mf, f, ff, p, crescendo

In Keep Your Lamps, the key signature contains...
a) 4 sharps
b) 4 flats
c) 92
d) freely

In Keep Your Lamps, the tempo...
a) begins slow and gradually gets faster
b) changes in measure 16
c) changes to a slower tempo in measure 12
d) changes to a faster tempo in measure 10

In Keep Your Lamps, the symbol above measure 19 is called...
a) 1st line
b) Line #1
c) mp
d) 1st ending

In Keep Your Lamps, what type of barline is at the end of measure 19?
a) repeat sign
b) double barline
c) barline with dots
d) happy barline

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