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Which statement is false about the Save As command?
a) The original is modified.
b) The original is left intact (no change).
c) A duplicate of the original is created.
d) You will be prompted to rename the file.

Which of the following CANNOT be done from the Save for Web dialog box?
a) Change file format
b) Change quality
c) Change file name
d) Change image size

A section within an image that can be manipulated independently is
a) a layer
b) a thumbnail
c) a tool
d) a style

Which panel contains a record of each task completed in an image?
a) Layers Panel
b) Properties Panel
c) History Panel
d) Tools Panel

The direction in which an image appears on a page is called
a) orientation
b) scale
c) layout
d) layers

This dialog box is used to identify a file, add a caption or other text, and add a copyright notice
a) File Info
b) Proof Setup
c) Save for Web
d) Save As

Lets you preview your image to see how it will look when printed on a specific device
a) File Info
b) Proof Setup
c) Save for Web
d) Save As

If you want to size a file as a different format, how do you do this?
a) File - Save
b) File - Save As
c) Image - Save
d) Image - Save As

If you want to undo the last three things you did in Photoshop what should you do?
a) Edit - Undo
b) Edit - Step Backward
c) Close the file and save
d) Close the file, but do not save

If you want to specify your own dimensions in Photoshop, what preset should you choose?
a) U. S. Paper
b) Default Photoshop Size
c) Mobile and Web
d) Custom

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