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What is an example of a nonliving thing?
a) Human
b) Plant
c) Animal
d) Rock

Which of the following is a living thing?
a) Rock
b) Mineral
c) Animal
d) Fossil

What is true about all rocks?
a) They are all big.
b) They are all found in the ocean.
c) Rocks have different sizes and shapes.
d) Rocks are keys to secret doors in my house.

What is the Earth made of?
a) Rocks, Soil, and Sand
b) Tacos, Pizza, and Nachos
c) Air, Water and Wind
d) There is no Earth.

What is a fossil?
a) A video game.
b) The remains of a plant or animal pressed into a rock.
c) A type of living animal.
d) A math equation.

What are most rocks made of?
a) Minerals
b) Water
c) Tomatos
d) Air

How can you group rocks together?
a) 11 o' clock
b) Yesterdays Lunch
c) Last Name
d) Properties

How do people use rocks?
a) In lunch boxes
b) To sleep on
c) Jewelry
d) As a blanket

What does the word texture mean?
a) The way the rock tastes.
b) The way the rock feels.
c) The way the rock smells.
d) How far you can throw a rock.

Who is your teacher.
a) Mr. Van Akens
b) Mr. VanAken
c) Mr. Van Aken
d) Mr. Man

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