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Information gathered from observations are
a) hypotheses
b) independent variable
c) data
d) dependent variable

A proposed scientific explanation for a set of observations is a
a) conclusion
b) hypothesis
c) data
d) theory

A system of measurements scaled in multiples of 10 and used by scientists is the
a) metric system
b) English system
c) calculations system
d) algebra system

The process of gathering information about events or processes in a careful, orderly way is called
a) manipulation
b) quantitative analysis
c) conclusion
d) observation

A well tested explanation that unifies a broad range of observations is a
a) hypothesis
b) theory
c) observation
d) conclusion

A factor in an experiment that is affected by the manipulated variable is the
a) control
b) dependent variable
c) hypothesis
d) data

The process of keeping an organism's internal conditions constant is called
a) continuity
b) homeostasis
c) sameness
d) stasis cling

The variable that is deliberately changed in a controlled experiment is the
a) responsive variable
b) manipulaed variable
c) constant variable
d) measuring device

A device that produces magnified images of structures too small to see with the naked eye is a
a) chronometer
b) spectometer
c) kaleidoscope
d) microscope

Data that is obtained by measuring is said to be
a) qualitative
b) quantitative
c) expressive
d) theoretical

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