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What are a group of people with the same language, culture, or religion?
a) Religious Group
b) Ethnic Group
c) Family Group
d) Cultural Group

What is a set of values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors among a group of people?
a) Culture
b) Ethnic
c) Religion
d) Family

What is it called when people move from one country to another an make a new home ?
a) Migration
b) Movement
c) Immigration
d) Nationalism

Loyalty and devotion to one's country is called ________.
a) Immigration
b) Subsistence
c) Nationalism
d) Honor

Having just the basic resources for survival is called _______.
a) Subsistence
b) Nationalism
c) Immigration
d) Culture

What is the number of people living in a specific area?
a) Subsistence
b) Accoutable
c) Immigration
d) Population Density

What is a person who is being dishonest or immoral?
a) Corrupt
b) Honest
c) Reliable
d) Believable

What is the foundation of any system or organization?
a) Anchor
b) Beginning
c) Infrastructure
d) Founder

What is another word for being different?
a) Diversity
b) Division
c) Dishonst
d) Divergent

What is the use of violence or force to get your way?
a) Immigration
b) Corrupt
c) Infrastructure
d) Terrorism

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