Vocabulary Test 1 Question Preview (ID: 26175)

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uprightness; wholeness
a) pious
b) moral
c) virtue
d) integrity

isolation; solitude
a) alone
b) single
c) seculsion
d) shy

said or done in jest
a) humor
b) funny
c) sarcastic
d) jocular

soak thoroughly; drench
a) soaked
b) muddy
c) sautrate
d) swampy

insignificant; unimportant
a) proud
b) lonly
c) inconsequential
d) careless

offensive boldness
a) crazy
b) mean
c) impudence
d) terrible

indistinct; not easily understood
a) obscure
b) inconsequential
c) ignorant
d) pizza

worn through til the threads show; shabby and poor
a) alliteration
b) threadbare
c) customs
d) seclusion

extravagant; wasteful
a) generous
b) lavish
c) profuse
d) openhanded

unmoved; unconcerned by; mediocre
a) indifferent
b) attitude
c) blase
d) bored

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